Field Service and Equipment Resource Guide

Spring 2017

OnlineNW Standard Wireless Router $50.00/ea
 Includes installation, future support and 30 day warranty
OnlineNW Upgraded Wireless Router $150.00/ea

Includes installation, future support and 30 day warranty Increased coverage area up to 40%
Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GHz Gigabit switch ports
Multiple SSID’s Basic usage tracking
Basic time and URL blocking

Router installation (Customer Owned) $75.00/hr
Powerline Adapter $100.00/ea
Flexible Internet access from other locations in your home without running Ethernet cable. This system utilizes your inside power lines to provide coverage to any outlet. Programming & installation included.
Pole Mount $150.00/ea
 Installed within 10 to 15 Ft. of house. Includes equipment & labor. Final determination made by installer.
 Non-Standard Work  $75.00/hr
Wall fish, cable runs over 150 ft., etc. Final determination made by installer and will be quoted before any work is performed.